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Zivko Mijatovic & Partners

Dr. Mina Jovanovic Ninkovic

Senior Counsel / Attorney at Law

Mina is a Senior Counsel / Attorney at Law at ZMP.

Mina is a Senior Counsel / Attorney at Law engaged dominantly in enforcement matters. Prior to joining Zivko Mijatovic & Partners in 2016, she volunteered as an intern with the Commercial Court of Belgrade for two years, gaining valuable procedural law skills. Her experience covers broad range of legal services, including representing clients in litigation proceedings and counselling on trademark, copyright and industrial design disputes involving clients from various industries. She also represents clients in domain name disputes before WIPO and local authority for disputes involving domain name registrations with national extension.

Mina’s expertise combines strong experience in both practice and academic field, since she holds two masters degrees and one PhD degree. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on special requirements for broaden protection of trademarks with reputation. She is an author of numbers of published papers, and has attended different domestic and international conferences about intellectual property as lecturer. Her most recent specialisation focuses on law on digital assets, where she researched about interaction between intellectual property and contemporary forms of digital property. Apart from formal education obtained in Serbia, Mina has also completed MA course on UK, US and EU copyright law, graduating from King’s College, London.

Besides the litigation disputes, Mina also provides services related to protection of intellectual property in proceedings before customs and market inspection authorities. In addition, she supports our clients in contentious proceedings before intellectual property office. Although she is based in Belgrade branch office, Mina provides advice on cross border matters involving other ex-YU jurisdictions in the Balkan region.

Most recently Mina passed the patent and trademark attorney exam before the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia.


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