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Zivko Mijatovic & Partners

Katarina Jovanovic

Patent Translator

Katarina is a Patent Translator at ZMP Serbia.

Katarina joined ZMP in 2019 in the role of a patent translator with the main task of translating different patent documents from English and German to Serbian, and from Serbian to English, and also rewievieng them.

This role represents the desired and expected development of an unorthodox career path which consisted of two tracks, one based on the formal education, and the other one based on the love for the written word and foreign languages.

The first track started in Zurich, Switzerland, where she was working several years as a PhD student at the Institute of Anatomy of the University of Zurich, trying to elucidate the role of peptide hormon uroguanylin in human prostate. After returning to Belgrade, she worked in the Center for Laser Microscopy (CLM) of the Faculty of Biology, within the NEUROIMAGE project funded by European Comission FP6 grant. During this time, her focus moved from research to the networking engagement with the aim of reinforcing cooperation between neuroimaging laboratories in the region of Western Balkans. Over the next years, her inclination towards more practical aspects of science found expression in her engagements ranging from the position of a forensic DNA analyst in the Center for Human Molecular Genetics at the Faculty of Biology, and a teaching assistant at the same institution, to the position of a teacher of Biology for IB Foundation Diploma Program and of an examiner in Biology for this Foundation.

The second track, namely the work of a freelance translator, started during her stay in Zurich, where she was engaged by STROKES Publishing GmbH in translation and creation of written and audio materials for learning Serbian language, and continued in Belgrade where she was working on translation and reviewing of instructions for medical devices for reputable multinational healthcare company.


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