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Zivko Mijatovic & Partners

Lucy Duran Pardo

Senior Paralegal

Lucy is a Senior Paralegal at ZMP.

Lucy has been part of Zivko Mijatovic and Partners since 2010. She has specialized in recordal projects in the 15 countries in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, in which ZMP provides its services.

In addition, she is responsible for trademark prosecution in Romania, Czech Republic, and Slovakia acting as well as the main point of contact between our clients and local agents.

She will offer tailored strategy and advice for the clients to proceed as efficiently and immediately as possible, based on the documents each of our clients provide us.

Maintaining the direct correspondence with the clients and acting as the main contact will guarantee efficient and expedited communication generating results and updates in a shorter period of time.

Before joining of ZMP she was working as a trainee in the Designs Department in the European Union Industrial Property Office (EUIPO), drafting invalidity decisions and have also experience working as a trademark paralegal in two prominent law firms in Spain.


2008: “Technological Measures to prevent the illegal uses of intellectual property rights”