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Zivko Mijatovic & Partners

Sofija Markovic

Patent Translator

Sofija is a Patent Translator at ZMP.

Sofija has been a member of the Zivko Mijatovic and Partners (ZMP) Serbia patent department since 2017.

Her expertise lies in patent translation, proficiently translating from English to Serbian and vice versa, as well as from French to Serbian.

She possesses extensive experience handling patent specifications across diverse fields such as pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, medicine, and microbiology. Sofija also translates documents integral to client-Intellectual Property office correspondence during patent validation procedures.

Prior to joining ZMP, Sofija had a successful freelance career as a patent translator for over ten years. Her role extended beyond translation, encompassing proofreading and reviewing translated texts at clients’ requests. She diligently stays updated on current Patent Law regulations to ensure translated documents meet Intellectual Property Office standards.

Sofija’s professional journey includes over 15 years in the biopharmaceutical industry before her translation career. This tenure enriched her understanding of vaccine production, quality control, cell culture, and documentation preparation. Her comprehensive grasp of patent applications and patents stems from this experience, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of her translations.

Furthermore, Sofija’s participation in biopharmaceutical production training and attendance at WHO conferences in the USA and Switzerland significantly enhanced her mastery of professional terminology.